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Will there be a Matrix 4 & 5?

You may have heard the rumor currently circulating around the Internet that the Wachowski brothers are planning to make a 4th and 5th episode of The Matrix series.  Oh how I wish that were true, but unfortunately it is not.  Sorry to burst your bubble!

The rumor said that Keanu Reeves spoke at the London School of Performing Arts during which he mentioned that he met with the Wachowski’s for lunch during the Christmas season.  At this lunch meeting, according to the rumor mill, the brothers told Keanu that they had written 2 scripts that would bring him back to The Matrix where he would resume his role as Neo. They also apparently said that they met with James Cameron to discuss shooting the sequels in 3D.  Just imagine the Bullet Time effect in 3D.  Now THAT would be cool, especially if the 3D glasses could be modeled after actual Matrix sunglasses!

Unfortunately, mere hours after the rumor caught legs it was completely debunked.  According to Keanu’s representative, “none of it is true…he did not speak nor get an award from the London International School of Performing Arts.”

If you think about it, the rumor did not really make a whole lot of sense from the get-go.  The Wachowski brothers are tied up working on several projects, including a film called Cloud Atlas.  Additionally, Keanu himself is working on a 3D samurai movie called Ronin that is slated for a late-2012 release. 

So unfortunately, there is simply no possibility of any sequels getting done for at least the next 2-3 years, and since no discussions have been undertaken it will likely be much longer than that, if ever.  So I’ll say it again…sorry to burst your bubble!

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  1. Martin says:

    actually there might be a matrix 4, because the series was put on hold not because they did not want any more movies but because, it was debated who has the rights to make the movies, this is now solved, and a women called sophia stewart now has the right’s to make the matrix movies.

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