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Why Wear Matrix Sunglasses?

Matrix Sunglasses and the Cool Factor

Do you want the cool factor? Looking like Morpheus or Neo isn’t easy. You’ve got to have the style, the swagger, and most of all the sunglasses to pull it off. Don’t try to accomplish the “look” without the most important part: the sunglasses. Matrix sunglasses look just like the eye wear in the famous Wachowski brother films, and you can have that style with new and affordable eye wear from Matrix Sunglasses.

Where to Find Matrix Sunglasses

Find Matrix sunglasses at theĀ Matrix Eye Wear website. We specialize in working replica sunglasses that look just like the real thing from the movies! If you want to make sure to impress people at first impression, you should try out these stylish eyeglasses.

Daily Wear

In addition to being extremely stylish our eye wear can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Keeping UV rays out of your eyes and skin is an important part of preventing skin disease or blindness!

Matrix Costume Opportunities

You can use our handy sunglasses sets to complete your Halloween or office party Matrix costume. Whether you’re just looking to spice up a costumed event or engage in a “cosplay” at a local convention, you can use our Matrix sunglasses to improve your cool factor and make you a fun part of any party.

Group Events and Outings

Everybody respects a guy or girl with some cool shades, and with Matrix sunglasses you can be the talk of any outing. Whether you’re on the boardwalk, at the beach catching some sun, or just out at the mall, our sunglasses will lend you the social edge you’ve been looking for.

Great Design and Movie Accuracy

With a strong and sturdy design these shades are unlikely to break and have great durability. In addition they are perfectly accurate to the Matrix movies in every detail, looking like they could be worn by Lawrence Fishburne or Keanu Reeves. Some of our sunglasses even look like they’re from the sequel films, and you can shop by character design to match your favorite Matrix character.

Stop by and select your sunglasses for a fun and cool time!

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