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Why Quality Sunglass Lenses are Important

As you may or may not know, we here at MatrixEyewear.com take great pride in our Matrix sunglasses.  Whether it’s the Morpheus Sunglasses, the Neo Sunglasses, or the Agent Smith Sunglasses, we aim for top-notch quality.  And we stand behind this pledge with our industry-leading, 365-day warranty. 

So what exactly does quality mean in the context of Matrix sunglasses?  Well, quality means many things to many people, but when it comes to your eyes, the quality of the lenses is definitely the most critical factor. 

The best lenses have what is known as “UV400” protection.  This offers maximum protection from any type of ultraviolet radiation (UV) emanating from the sun (as well as some manmade lighting, but since we’re discussing sunglasses we will focus on the sun here…).

The sun actually generates 3 types of UV, two of which can be harmful – UVA and UVB.  I won’t go into the differences between the two here, as this information can easily be found via Google.  However, it is important to simply understand that there are 2 troublesome types of UV, so that you can make sure your sunglasses protect you against both.

Research has shown that higher levels of UV can cause damage to both living as well as non-living things.  Of course, this includes your eyes, which are especially sensitive, especially during peak daylight hours.  Excessive UV exposure has been proven to cause blindness in people as well as animals.  Do not take the sun’s ultraviolet radiation lightly…only buy quality sunglasses with UV400 protection!

This is why we here at Matrix Eyewear ONLY sell Matrix sunglasses with complete UV400 protection.   ALL of our sunglass lenses offer this – including Morpheus Sunglasses, Neo Sunglasses, Agent Smith Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses, Seraph Sunglasses, the Twins Sunglasses

So don’t be fooled by lower-priced competitors.  Only buy sunglasses with UV400 protection, like the ones you can buy here at Matrix Eyewear.  Your eyes will thank you for years to come!

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