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Why Do You And So Many Other People Still Wear MatrixEyewear.com Sunglasses?

Matrix sunglasses from Matrix Eyewear are perfect replicas of the sunglasses used in “The Matrix” trilogy. Wearing them, you will present the same levels of studied reserve, au courant fashion, and hipster cool as the characters who made these the number one, most sought after sunglasses in America.

Choices start with our “Morpheus” model. Worn by Morpheus in “The Matrix Revolutions”, these frame-less sunglasses present the Morpheus-look of calm and balance in any situation. The message they send is of inflexible courage, competence, and confidence.

Presenting as the ultimate outsider, Neo, each of our three “Neo” models reflect the different styles worn by Neo in each of the “Matrix” films. Starting with Neo’s lighter style in “The Matrix” through the darker shade of “The Matrix Reloaded” to the ultimate eyewear represented by Neo in “The Matrix Revolutions”, these sunglasses will identify you as the relentless, break-out rebel you have become.

For the look of the intellectual, hands-on protector represented by Seraph, our “Seraph” model presents an image of iron-willed dedication that can’t be ignored. Their blue-gray, smoky lenses provide a view of the world as coldly yet clearly detailed as Seraph’s character, with a clouded and mystery-inducing view of your eyes that will draw others to you like moths to a flame.

For the dangerous look of the Twins, our “Twins” model makes clear you always know who you are even if others can never be sure. If your self-image is independent of circumstances, these Matrix sunglasses will send a message that is as transparent, and effective, as the Twins themselves. As seen in “The Matrix Reloaded,” these sunglasses are the finest replicas of the rarely seen Twins’ eyewear available any where in any world.

Our “Agent Smith” style of Matrix sunglasses, based on the model worn by Agent Smith in “The Matrix Reloaded,” and “The Matrix Revolutions,” present a severe look with sharply angled lenses, inducing an image of immovable intent, and irresistible power. Their metal-framed, serious, spare design are a monument to single-minded determination, and disdain for the non-essential.

Our line of “Trinity” sunglasses are for ladies, who like Trinity in “The Matrix Revolutions”, have escaped the life of the ordinary for a daring, action-filled life outside the mainstream. Presenting an image of woman-as-enigma behind their lightly darkened lenses, they’re a perfect foil to those who would know her too quickly. These are the perfect sunglasses for anyone who considers herself Trinity incarnate.

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