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What about Prescription Sunglasses?

If you have visionary problems like being shortsighted or farsighted, getting sunglasses with prescription lenses is important.  Most styles of sunglasses, including our very own Matrix sunglasses, allow you to replace the standard lenses with prescription ones.  You can even have bifocal and progressive lenses inserted.  Just take your sunglasses to the local optical store and have them do the deed!  Usually within an hour you’ll be good to go.

Like sunglasses themselves, the sheer variety of prescription lenses available is huge. Pretty much all the same options are available for prescription lenses as they are for non-prescription lenses – colors, UV protection, shape, thickness, gradient, brand, quality, etc.  And just about every possible variety can be found online by doing a simple Google search. 

Obviously the main benefit of prescription sunglasses is the convenience factor.  With prescription sunglasses you get the best of both worlds and as such you’ll only need to carry one pair with you.  No need to also carry your regular prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, or clip-on prescription lenses along with your regular sunglasses.  Prescription sunglasses are an all-in-one solution for engaging in outdoor activity even if your eyesight is less than optimal.

So to sum it up, if you need prescription lenses to see properly, you owe it to yourself to have your sunglasses configured for this purpose.  I know for a fact that some of my previous customers have done this with the Neo Sunglasses, Morpheus Sunglasses and Agent Smith Sunglasses, so it definitely can be done and clearly makes sense to do so.

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3 Responses to What about Prescription Sunglasses?

  1. Trail says:

    If I purchase any of your sunglasses and discover that they cannot be made into RX versions, can they be returned for that reason?

  2. Matrixeyewear says:

    Yes they can – thanks!


  3. sukh says:

    I recently discovered I need glasses, I want my spectacles to be the morpheus type, I from the UK, if i ordered my glasses from this site, can the opticians insert the prescription lense into the original tinted ones i oder from this site?

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