Video: The Philosophy of The Matrix |

Video: The Philosophy of The Matrix

If you are a true fan of The Matrix trilogy, then you absolutely, positively must check out this full-length documentary I just watched.  The purpose of the video is to discuss the philosophical elements of the trilogy, including how the writers managed to modernize the associated philosophical components and essentially simplify them for a mass audience.

For the remainder of this post I will touch on 3 of the core philosophical ideas that permeate the trilogy, but I am just scratching the surface: even though it is an hour long, I encourage you to check out the video for the full scoop.

One of the main Matrix-related questions the video deals with is, what is ‘truth’ and how is it defined?  For example, is truth given to us via something akin to the word of God, or is it learned over time based on our own critical reasoning?  How do we know that what we know is truly ‘real’? Or said another way, what is ‘real’?  What is the relationship of the ‘real world” to our own perceptions, and are things ‘real’ even if we do not perceive them? (i.e., if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it drop, does it still make a sound?)

Another question addressed in the video is the concept of The One.  Specifically, the concepts of prophecy and expectation, especially as these ideas relate to a higher power or savior, are clearly core philosophical elements of the trilogy.  For example, Neo (along with his Neo Sunglasses!) is resurrected, he performs miracles, and he provides hope for a generation of people.

Another concept discussed in the video is the impact of societal rules on our behavior.  Much like The Matrix was created to keep humans in check, every country has its own political and regulatory “rules of the game” that are designed to keep its residents in check. The Matrix, in part, was likely written with an eye toward forcing us to rethink our very own existence so see if perhaps there are unseen limits that we can break through.

Again, I just summarized perhaps 25% of the video, so you ought to definitely watch the entire thing.  Trust me, if you are a fan of The Matrix (or even Matrix sunglasses), you WILL enjoy watching!  Have fun!

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