Video: The Matrix Movie Errors |

Video: The Matrix Movie Errors

As I was scouring the web this morning looking for something cool to write about, I stumbled upon a video that shows specific mistakes & continuity errors from the original Matrix movie.  The person who created the video – once you get past his unusual accent – did a good job finding these subtle errors.  And the video has gotten almost 9 million views so it must be good!  I’ve highlighted the key points below, but I recommend you put on your Matrix Sunglasses and check out the video for yourself!

The first error revealed occurs early in the movie, in the scene where Trinity is running away from an agent.  Trinity winds up jumping from one building to another through a window to escape; the only problem is that she is looking up when she jumps but down once she passes through the window.

The next scene we are shown is also early in the movie, when Neo is standing in his boss’ (Agent Smith) office (without his Neo Sunglasses).  The scene shifts back and forth between the point of view of Neo and the point of view of Agent Smith.  As this happens, Neo’s hands are in front of him in one view, but behind him in another.  There is another scene shown later (where Neo meets Morpheus for the first time) where we see this same type of continuity error with Morpheus’ hands.

Next, we see the scene where Trinity picks up Neo by the bridge.  As the car pulls up, the door is already open, but when the car stops next to Neo to let him in, the door is closed.  Another error happens when Neo meets the Oracle.  You may recall that as Neo is getting ready to walk into the Oracle’s apartment, we see a close-up of the front door doorknob…if you look closely in the doorknob’s reflection, you can see a camera.

We see another continuity error in the scene where Agent Smith is battling Morpheus in the bathroom.  At one point, we see Agent Smith punch a hole in the wall…but shortly thereafter, the hole is no longer there!  Next, we see the “bullet time” scene with Neo and Agent Smith on the roof.  At one point, Neo drops his guns…but when Agent Smith starts shooting and Neo does his Matrix dance, the dropped guns are mysteriously missing.

There are a couple of other errors pointed out in the video as well, but the ones I mentioned above are the best examples.  But I’d still suggest you watch it to get a “firsthand view.”  So, sit back for the next 4-5 minutes and watch the video now!

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