Video: The Matrix Meets South Park |

Video: The Matrix Meets South Park

Ok, although I’ve seen plenty of South Park episodes over the last decade or so, I must admit that it’s not one of my all-time favorites. However, when I saw this South Park Matrix video I almost fell out of my chair laughing. If you’ve got 2 minutes (and 43 seconds), you’ve got to check it out.

As the video starts, you’ll immediately recognize the music and overall ambiance of the video. It’s just like the “regular” movie trailers you may have seen, of course with the exception of the characters. And the South Park characters in the video are not the traditional cartoon figures you’re accustomed to; rather, they have a Disney Pixar look to them.

The video has all the standard quotes from The Matrix. For example, we see “Neo” (complete with his Neo sunglasses) uttering “whoa,” “get me the hell out of here” and “guns…lots of guns.” We also hear Morpheus’ famous “have you ever had a dream, Neo…” quote, as well as some iconic quotes from Trinity (“the answer is out there Neo, it’s the question that drives us”), Agent Smith (“human beings are a disease…and we are the cure”), and a couple of the other main characters.

So again, if you have a chance, put on your Matrix sunglasses and check it out! Yes it’s similar to some of the other Matrix parodies out there, but with a distinctive South Park twist so it’s definitely worth watching. You might also want to check out some of the other video parodies I’ve shared, such as Family Guy meets The Matrix, and Muppet Matrix.  Enjoy!

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