Video: The Matrix Choreographed Dance Routine |

Video: The Matrix Choreographed Dance Routine

Yes I am at it again…scouring the Internet for cool and/or funny videos inspired by The Matrix trilogy.  I’ve previously shared cool videos such as The Matrix Dance and Philosophy of the Matrix, as well as parodies such as Family Guy Meets The Matrix.  Now, I’ve got another cool one to share with you.

This video is a recording of a choreographed Matrix dance routine that was performed in Las Vegas.  The group dance routine starts out with Neo (and his Neo Sunglasses!), along with one of his more memorable quotes from the first movie (“I know you’re out there…I can feel you…I know that you’re afraid…you’re afraid of us…you’re afraid of change…“).

After the opening quote, the music kicks in and “Neo” begins his highly unique dance routine.  It’s sort of a cross between ballet and “The Robot.”  This goes on for a couple of minutes.  Soon, you’ll notice other Matrix characters begin to join the routine, like Agent Smith, Trinity and the Twins.  Interestingly, I did not see Morpheus (but you do hear him, as explained below).

This goes on for a few minutes, and soon thereafter we begin to hear the iconic “red pill / blue pill” spiel from Morpheus.  It’s at this point that the dance routine becomes pretty cool, especially the “multi-armed” Agent Smith effect (you’d have to check out the video to see what I mean…this is probably the best effect in the entire routine).  The routine then finishes up with a nicely choreographed group finale.

So, if you have 5 minutes to spare and you like creative concepts inspired by The Matrix, you ought to definitely check out the video.  Just keep in mind that the stage’s background is relatively dark, so you’ll have to take off your Matrix Sunglasses to watch it in order to get the best possible visual acuity!  Have fun and enjoy!

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