Video: The Hands Free Sunglass Catch! |

Video: The Hands Free Sunglass Catch!

Here is a video that I just know you’ll enjoy.  It’s called “Sunglass Catch” and it’s definitely an oldie but goodie; it’s been on for 4 years and has received over 5 million views to date!  It’s a roughly 1-minute video that simply shows 2 dudes catching sunglasses (not Matrix sunglasses, unfortunately) with their face!  Watch the video immediately below.

Now, the one rub on this video is that the possibility exists that it’s fake.  In fact, the video has received over 16,000 comments, and about half of the comments basically cry foul on the video’s authenticity.  I admit that the trick does seem almost impossible on the surface, but who knows?  I mean, if the arms on the frames are loosened for maximum flexibility and shock absorption, with small weights placed at the tips of the arms so they fall first, and these guys practiced for months, maybe it is possible?  Personally, I can‘t really tell one way or the other, so if it is faked they did a damn good job.  Go ahead and check it out and decide for yourself.

Irrespective of any potential doctoring, the video features ‘the catch’ in a variety of situations, each of which features an increased level of difficulty relative to the previous catch.  The first catch is done at ground level, by one of the dudes sitting on the couch eating a bowl of cereal.  The second one is thrown from the roof of a house.  The third one is thrown off a bridge (with the catcher eating ice cream to boot!).  The fourth catch is made inside an elevator, with the toss coming from outside the elevator just before the doors close completely.  The fifth toss is slung from a stationary skateboard, while the sixth catch is executed with both dudes actually riding skateboards!  Not to be outdone, the seventh and final catch is made from inside a speeding car.

So, whether it’s real or not, I give these guys an ‘A’ for effort!  They either legitimately mastered the art of the sunglass catch, or they painstakingly doctored the video so it looks legit.  Either way, it takes a lot of creativity and hard work, so I give them kudos!

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