Video: Spoof Trailer of The Matrix Reloaded |

Video: Spoof Trailer of The Matrix Reloaded

Here is another great video parody of The Matrix that I recently stumbled onto pretty much randomly (what did we ever do before YouTube?).  It’s a spoof trailer that was apparently created before The Matrix Reloaded was released, and a couple parts had me laughing out loud.  Yes a couple of the jokes are a bit cheesy, and it was originally produced in Germany so some of the voices seem to be dubbed, but overall I give it a thumbs-up.  The video is just over 3 minutes long, so give it a quick watch right now:

The initial premise of the video is that Neo, thanks to his “Matrix vision” and his Neo sunglasses, has all-encompassing powers within The Matrix and as such he is…bored.  Luckily, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus receive a fresh new challenge when something mysteriously changes within The Matrix.  This is particularly evident when they use a public phone to call out of The Matrix, only to be met by a busy signal and the annoying “please check the number and try again” message.

From that point on, it’s all-out, in movie trailer form.  We see scenes of Neo and Trinity wearing their sunglasses and shooting guards at a warehouse, as well as a lot of miscellaneous acts of Kung Fu and acrobatics.  We also see replicating Agent Smiths, regular people morphing into Agent Smith, a helicopter crash, a motorcycle chase, a fight between Morpheus and Agent Smith, and a giant robotic death machine.  It ends with everything freezing up because…wait for it…The Matrix runs on Windows XP.

So overall, there are enough funny parts to make the video worth watching.  My only beef with it is that the Morpheus sunglasses were incorrect.  The real sunglasses clip onto your nose, but the ones in the video had the complete frames like most sunglasses.  They actually looked more like Seraph sunglasses than Morpheus sunglasses.   But other than that, there are definitely a few funny parts of the video so I recommend you give it a quick watch.

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