Video Library: Remixed Matrix Scenes |

Video Library: Remixed Matrix Scenes

My friend shared a YouTube channel with me the other day that focuses on elements of The Matrix.  The channel, called “The Matrix Remixed,” is packed with tons of Matrix-related content that I’m sure you will enjoy.  It’s a fan project that essentially blends elements of The Matrix trilogy, The Animatrix animated series, and the Enter the Matrix video game.  So put on your Neo Sunglasses and visit the channel right now!

The channel currently consists of a total of 8 videos.  Each video involves a unique scene that juxtaposes a variety of thematic and narrative elements of the franchise.  The overall goal is to honor the original product while concurrently presenting something entirely new.

For example, one of the videos, entitled “We Don’t Have a Little Time,” mixes scenes from the video game, the animated series, and the original trilogy.  The video begins with Neo’s dream about Trinity getting shot, paralleling with his conversation with the Oracle.  The parallel effectively sets up the conflict that Neo experiences between saving his true love and saving Zion, the dichotomy of which represents the climax for The Matrix Reloaded.  The video then cuts to the climax of the Animatrix series entitled “The Final Flight of Osris,” which sets up the plot for The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and even Enter the Matrix.  Paralleling that is the opening scene from Enter the Matrix, where Ghost and Sparks talk about how to intercept the final transmission of the Osris.

Whew, ok as you can see what the author is trying to do here is very complex, but the videos are extremely entertaining and well done nonetheless.  Plus, there is nothing else like them online at the moment, at least in relation to The Matrix.  So, if you have some spare time, I would suggest you put on your Matrix sunglasses and spend an hour or so watching all the videos!  Enjoy!

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