Video: Keanu Reeves Discusses The Matrix |

Video: Keanu Reeves Discusses The Matrix

Neo in The Matrix


If you are a loyal reader of this blog, then you know that I am always on the lookout for funny or informative videos to share with you about The Matrix.  For example, I previously shared videos such as the Muppet Matrix, The Matrix Meets Family Guy, The Matrix Meets South Park, the origin of “bullet time,” and much more.  Now, I’ve got another one to share with you; it’s a super short video (less than 2 minutes) that shows Keanu Reeves discussing how he came to be Neo.  So throw on your Matrix sunglasses and give it a quick watch right now…

The video is a recording of a presentation that Keanu gave at an American Film Institute event in 2008 (“AFI Night at the Movies”).  He walks the audience through how he first became involved in the trilogy.  Basically, he read the script and decided to meet the Wachowski brothers at the Warner Brothers studio because he really loved what he read.

He was intrigued by the script because the concept was so unique.  More specifically, Keanu really appreciated the various philosophical and conceptual elements and themes brought to life via the script.  In the video he specifically mentions some of his favorite conceptual elements of the storyline, such as life and death, reality, duality, modality, mythology, philosophy, technology, religion, destiny, slavery of mind and body, and truth.  All of these attributes are what drew him in…not to mention the cool Neo sunglasses that he got to wear!

So if you ever wondered how Keanu Reeves ultimately landed the role of Neo, this video will give you some excellent insight on this.  The bottom line is that Keanu himself is a huge science fiction fan.  This, coupled with the uniqueness and breadth of the story line, is what truly motivated Keanu to meet the Wachowski brothers and basically campaign for the role of Neo.  If you’re a fan of The Matrix and/or Keanu Reeves, I definitely recommend that you watch the video right now.  Enjoy!

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