Video File: The Matrix Limited Edition Box Set |

Video File: The Matrix Limited Edition Box Set

Here is a video that I recently watched and found very interesting.  Thus, I’ve decided to share it with you – my loyal readers!  The video shows the contents of The Matrix Limited Edition Box Set that came out in 2001.  Sadly, I never got the box set myself, but this video is the next best thing.  So put on your Matrix Sunglasses and watch the 10-minute video overview right now!

First and foremost, what a cool looking box!  It’s oversized, made of leather, and features a picture on the front cover showing the main characters (Morpheus, Trinity and Neo…along with their Morpheus Sunglasses, Trinity Sunglasses and Neo Sunglasses, respectively).  The lettering is gold and embossed, and there is a special stamp on the upper right hand corner showing the limited edition number (number 3,344 in this case).  The spine also features embossed gold lettering, as well as a thumbnail version of the picture on the front cover.

The box opens up like a drawer, with the inside part sliding out of the outer shell.  The inside part is lined with felt and features several different components.  The first item is an actual film cell of the scene in which Neo and Agent Smith battle it out in the subway station.  The film cell is embedded into a protective sheet which shows a picture of the scene on the front, and some descriptive text on the back.  The next item is a transparent sleeve that contains several glossy “mini-posters” which have photos of various scenes from the original movie.   The third item is a protective envelope that says “exclusive collection” in gold embossed lettering.  Inside the envelope are 8 original showcase images, which appear to be actual photos taken while the film was shooting.  The next item is a huge replica of the original movie poster (folded, much to the author’s chagrin).  The final item is a DVD of the original movie.

Apparently there were other box sets sold in the early 2000’s, including a 10-disk set, but this is the first time I’ve seen this particular version.  The bottom line is that if you are a true fan of The Matrix, you owe it to yourself to watch the video and check out this unique collectable item.  Enjoy!

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