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Video Clips from The Matrix Live!

I’ve written previously about “The Matrix Live,” which features The Matrix played on a big screen with a real symphony orchestra playing along.  The show has been playing around the world, most recently in Houston, TX (11/3/2011) featuring music from the Houston Symphony.  The show also played in London in October 2011 (NDR Pops Orchestra conducted by Frank Strobel), Germany (also by the NDR Pops Orchestra), and is scheduled to play in Seattle, WA in the summer 2012 (with the Seattle Symphony).

I’m writing about this again today because I finally found a couple videos that will give you a taste of the actual experience.  The first video shows a clip of one of the scenes from the movie; specifically the scene near the climax of the original movie when Neo (without his Neo sunglasses!) battles Agent Smith (with his Agent Smith sunglasses!) in the subway station.   This is the scene where Neo starts to believe that he is actually The One.  You can watch it right now immediately below.

The second video I’ll share with you today is a “behind the scenes” video from the Houston show. It shows the stage assemby, the preparations of the crew, and some awesome scenes from the performance.  Again, you can watch this one immediately below.

I read some reviews / comments on the shows, and all in all the vast majority of feedback was extremely positive. A couple people nit-picked that the music was too quiet, or that the fighting sound effects were diminished, but overall it’s been getting mostly rave reviews. In fact, at the end of at least one show, Don Davis himself (the creator of the original score) came out to greet the audience. Now that is what I call a total experience!

If you’ve seen the show and you’d like to let us know what you thought, please post a comment below and let the word know. Thanks!

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