Video: Carrie Bradshaw Meets The Matrix |

Video: Carrie Bradshaw Meets The Matrix

I’ve found yet another funny video involving The Matrix that I just had to share with you – my loyal readers!  This parody comingles Sex and the City and The Matrix, and it’s pretty hilarious.  It’s truly an ‘oldie but goodie,’ as it was first aired at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards!  The 5 minute video can be watched below…but beware, there is some “R-rated” language in it.

The video starts off with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) waking up and seeing the iconic “follow the white rabbit” text on her computer.  She then hears a knock at her door, and opens it up only to discover a delivery person dressed in a giant rabbit costume (think Donnie Darko).  Of course, she then follows the rabbit-costumed delivery man to a club, where she meets Neo (complete with his Neo sunglasses!), who is played by Jimmy Fallon.

They proceed to go back to Neo’s apartment, only to discover Morpheus lurking therein (despite the sock on the door…).  Morpheus then goes into his “red pill / blue pill” spiel.  Of course, Carrie elects to swallow the red pill, after which she wakes up covered with goo in the “real world.”

However, after she wakes up and realizes how gloomy the real world really is, she elects to return to The Matrix.  She is particularly distraught over the fact that the real world has no natural light, that she is wearing a “potato sack” and that she has an “outlet in the back of her head.”  The final scene shows Carrie back in her apartment (in The Matrix).  But she’s not alone – Neo is there too!

So, that’s my summary of the parody, but I would encourage you to put on your Matrix sunglasses and check out the video if you have 5 minutes to spare.  It’s definitely a classic, and well worth the time it takes to watch it.  Enjoy!

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