Video: 3 Secrets for Finding the Best Sunglasses for YOU |

Video: 3 Secrets for Finding the Best Sunglasses for YOU

Despite the fact that there is a plethora of information online about picking the proper type of sunglasses, most people still do not take the time necessary to find their ideal pair.  And it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Matrix sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses, Ray Bans or some other style; the tactics to find the best pair are always the same.  Although I have written about this topic previously, this time I am also sharing a 2-minute video that I hope will make the concepts more clear.

Obviously, when it comes to looking cool in your shades, the most important factor is the shape of the sunglasses relative to the shape of your face.  Simply put, some styles of sunglasses look great on certain facial shapes but lousy on others.  The video does a good job of actually showing this.  For example, the presenter has an oval shaped face, and when she puts on a pair of oversized square-shaped sunglasses, you can clearly see that they just do not look quite right.  Angular sunglasses – like Agent smith sunglasses or Neo sunglasses – would also look poor on someone with a square-shaped face because there are simply too many angles.  However, they would look perfect on someone with a round face. Rounder shaped shades, like Seraph sunglasses or Morpheus sunglasses, are better for square faces.

The next factor to consider is the color of the sunglasses.  Specifically, your sunglasses should compliment your skin tone (and in the case of women, your makeup and outfit as well).  As an example, the presenter has blonde hair, a light colored skin tone, light colored makeup & lipstick, and a darker outfit.  Thus, darker colored shades look better on her than lighter colored sunglasses.

The third consideration is the size of the sunglasses.  For women especially, oversized sunglasses are extremely trendy right now, but they must not be too big.  Specifically, the outer edges of the lenses must not extend beyond the edges of your face, they should line up with the sides of your face (unless you’re going for an alien or bug-eyed look!).

In the final analysis, it’s important to try on as many styles of sunglasses as you can in order to visually determine which style compliments you the best.  This is really the only way you can be 100% confident that your shades are the perfect style for your facial shape & size, skin tone, and overall personality.  Good luck and have fun!

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