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Tron Versus The Matrix

If you are a regular follower of this blog, then you probably know that I almost always write about one of 2 subjects: The Matrix and sunglasses (especially Matrix sunglasses!).  I also like to share related videos, and that’s what I’ll be doing today.  Specifically, I just found a video that sort of mashes together Tron and The Matrix.  The video itself is cool, and it got me thinking about the similarities between the 2 movies.  Watch the quick video right now to see what I mean.

I never thought about the similarities before, but watching this video made me realize that many elements of each one can be interchanged.  For example, both films take place in a virtual reality (“The Grid” and “The Matrix”).  And if you think about it, this virtual reality is very similar in each film, as each one is controlled by a sort of man-induced artificial intelligence.  And in both cases, except for the chosen few, most human beings on Earth are unable to differentiate between the “real” world and the “virtual” world, and in fact most people do not even realize that both exist.

Another striking similarity is that the protagonist of each movie (Sam Flynn and Neo) must dedicate a good amount of time simply figuring out what is going on – where they are, why they’re there, who to trust, etc.  Eventually, both protagonists find their answers from a mentor (Flynn’s dad in the case of Tron, and Morpheus in the case of The Matrix).

Another commonality is that both protagonists must learn new skills on the fly…and by on the fly, I mean at the precise moment of life or death.  In Tron, this happens early on in the movie, when Sam is forced to quickly learn how to ride the Light Cycle after arriving in the “Disc Wars Arena.”  And in The Matrix, the clearest example is when Neo suddenly learns how to dodge bullets.

Another similarity is that both films featured a “bad guy” hell-bent on totally dominating / controlling the virtual reality (Clu in Tron and Agent Smith in The Matrix).  And of course, both movies just had to throw in the token love interest….i.e., Quorra and Trinity.  And heck, both films even had robots that could gracefully fly across the sky!

I’m sure there are a few other similarities as well, but these are the major ones that I can think of at the moment.  Of course, although Tron was an ok movie, it doesn’t even come close to reaching the level of The Matrix.  That said, thinking about the striking similarities between both films is still interesting nonetheless.

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