Top 10 Most Bizarre Moments from The Matrix Reloaded |

Top 10 Most Bizarre Moments from The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded

As you know, I absolutely love funny videos related to The Matrix.  From Peanut Neo to The Big Lebowski Meets Morpheus to Office Space Matrix, I thought I’d seen them all.  Well, not so apparently.  This morning I stumbled onto yet another funny Matrix video, this time showing the “top 10 WTF moments” from The Matrix Reloaded.  Most of these “moments” are actual scenes from the movie that are enhanced with funny music, sound effects or images.

I’ve summarized some of the key points of the video below, but nothing beats actually watching it.  It’s only 6 minutes long and it definitely has a few LOL moments, so put on your Matrix sunglasses and watch it right now!

I won’t give all the WTF moments away here because I really want you to watch the video.  But I will mention a few just to whet your whistle.  One of the highlighted moments was the scene in the Architect’s office, where Neo sees hundreds of TV screens, each of which shows a different version of himself doing something weird (at least…all the Neo sunglasses appear to be the same version!).

Another great scene shown in the video is the one where Agent Smith is jumping on cars during the high-speed highway chase.  The best part about this scene is the old-school Mario Brother’s music and sound effects playing in the background.  The Mario jumping sound effect that happens as Agent Smith jumps on and crushes a moving vehicle is particularly cool.

The last cool “WTF moment” from the video that I’ll mention is the final one.  It also happens to be the most bizarre one.  This is a PG-rated blog and so common decorum prohibits me from going into too much detail on this particular moment, but the video calls it “The Vagina-trix.”  I’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out what this one might be about!

Ok, so enough of the summary.  I highly recommend you spend a few minutes and watch the video right now.  It’s funny, well done, and thought-provoking.  Not bad for an amateur compilation!  Enjoy!

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