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The Yin/Yang of Neo & Agent Smith

As you know, in addition to selling Matrix sunglasses, I like to peruse the web looking for interesting Matrix-related content to pass along.  With this in mind, I read an awesome post today from our friends at  The post discusses the relationship between Neo and Agent Smith in the context of an inevitable Yin/Yang symbiosis.  Here’s a quote that sums up the post:

The relationship between Neo and Agent Smith in the films is very misunderstood, and since this figures so crucially into the amazing ending is a large part of the reason the later movies get so critically panned. Neo (the apparent hero) and Agent Smith (the apparent villain) are the inevitable resultant of the Matrix’s programming equations which produces anomalies in the system. Neo, or the One, exists and thus Smith must exist as well as an inevitable product of the mathematical equations of the system attempting to balance itself out. Hence Smith is Neo’s opposite, the Yang to Neo’s Yin.

The author further discusses the equilibrium between the two characters, including why the relationship between the two drove Agent Smith to endlessly replicate himself in The Matrix Revolutions.  He goes on to pontificate about the religious symbolism inherent in this relationship, as well as how the Trilogy as a whole truly represents a microcosm of our society. 

All in all, it’s an excellent, thought-provoking post that I highly recommend reading if you have some free time.  The author’s analysis really does a nice job of connecting the dots in order to expose the somewhat subliminal, ambiguous messages inherent in the movie. 

You can read the full post at:  Enjoy!

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