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The Purpose of Yellow Sunglasses

Obviously the vast majority of shades have dark-colored lenses like those found in our collection of Matrix sunglasses. However, more and more people are starting to wear sunglasses with yellow lenses, especially people who work or play outside. Yellow sunglasses are being increasingly used by drivers, bikers, boaters, professional athletes, and shooters (in fact, yellow lenses are also known as shooting lenses). Additionally, they are often prescribed for people who have macular degeneration and other eye diseases, diabetes, or who simply have trouble seeing after dark.

The impetus for this increased popularity is that yellow lenses have special properties that help enhance depth perception and visual contrast. The main reason is that the yellow tint helps to filter blue and UV light, which improves visual clarity during broad daylight hours. This is helpful when, for example, you are playing a sport that requires an object to be tracked against the backdrop of a blue sky, such as baseball, golf, or target shooting. During nighttime hours, these same properties help make things look sharper. They help to eliminate excessive shadows so things generally look brighter, even at night or during periods of extreme haze or fogginess.

Aside from the improved visual clarity that comes from enhanced depth perception and contrast, yellow sunglasses can also help reduce eye fatigue. The basic reason is simple: your vision is clearer so your eyes do not have to work as hard. This is particularly true if you do a substantial amount of driving, no matter what type of vehicle. In fact, more and more pilots are wearing yellow sunglasses for improved day and night vision while flying.

As you can see, yellow sunglasses can be helpful in a variety of outdoor situations. Although sunglasses with yellow lenses tend to be a little more expensive than traditional sunglasses, depending on your occupation or outdoor activity level, it might be worth paying the extra cost.

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  1. Dorothy Lee says:

    Today 27th March 2014 purchased a pair of yellow sunglass from the Association for the Blind, as a Volunteer Transport Driver told me they were better for seeing – made things clearer. I went to the Assoc to look at magnifying glasses and noticed sunglasses on a stand. Tried on the yellow ones and liked them so purchased them. When I reached home found two small cards one of which said – in small print “Not to be used for driving” !!! Also discovered they can be fitted over other glasses Brand name is Jonathzn Paul Fitovers – Polarvue, The girl in the shop kept the box and the two small cards fell out of the carry sachet after I came home. I did wear them driving home and the lass knew I was going to drive. No one tells you or explains these things to you. Can you tell my why I should not wear them driving?
    Many thanks

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