The Matrix, Sunglasses, and their Place in the Annals of Hollywood |

The Matrix, Sunglasses, and their Place in the Annals of Hollywood

Although it has been over 7 years since the final Matrix movie was released, Matrix Sunglasses continue to be extremely popular.  The reason is that much like Star Wars, the Matrix Trilogy has become iconic and will likely be watched over and over for generations to come.  And of course, the Matrix glasses featured in the movies are always going to be front and center when you think about The Matrix.  

Aside from Matrix glasses, sunglasses in general are a favorite accessory of most celebrities, and every celebrity has different preferences regarding style and functionality.  Whether it’s the lightweight Neo Sunglasses of Keanu Reeves, or the oversized sunglasses worn by Paris Hilton, the sheer variety of popular celebrity sunglasses is quite diverse.  

For instance, Angelina Jolie prefers oversized double-bridged or aviator semi-rimless sunglasses with dark lenses to help define her stunning facial shape and features. Brad Pitt, as can be seen in various paparazzi shots, often wears aviator sunglasses, sometimes featuring gradient or even colored lenses. Paris Hilton seems to prefer oversized, colored sunglasses with mirrored or gradient lenses and white, broad frames.  Julia Roberts prefers to wear square framed, straight-top shades, which compliment her triangular-shaped, thin face.

Much of the celebrity preference is driven by facial attributes. For example, in terms of Matrix Sunglasses, Laurence Fishburne’s round puffy face makes the Morpheus Sunglasses look awesome on him.  Conversely, Keanu Reeves’ thin, oval-shaped face is perfect for the sleek style of the Neo Sunglasses. 

Luckily, thanks to manufacturing efficiencies and market competition, Matrix Sunglasses, or any sunglasses worn by celebrities for that matter, do not need to break the bank.  Stylish shades like the aforementioned Morpheus Sunglasses & Neo Sunglasses can be found, for example, at at reasonable prices.  Generally speaking, whether Matrix glasses or some other type, the best time to buy is when there is a sale going on, at the end of a busy retail season, or when the store is at the end of its financial quarter or year.

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