The Matrix Mistakes & Continuity Errors |

The Matrix Mistakes & Continuity Errors

I stumbled upon a website today that was dedicated to pointing out movie mistakes and continuity errors.  I couldn’t resist – I just had to read about their findings with regard to The Matrix.  It is definitely a funny and interesting read, and listed below are 10 of the funnier ones.  You can read the full list here:

  1. When Neo is entering the Oracle’s house, you can see the reflection of the camera in the doorknob. 
  2. When Neo is on the scaffold and drops his phone, initially it drops toward an empty street but in the next shot the street is filled with people and a parade! 
  3. When Morpheus and Agent Smith are fighting in the bathroom, Agent Smith punches a hole in the wall but in the next scene the wall is intact.   
  4. The safety wire is visible in Morpheus’ sleeve when he is rescuing Neo from the helicopter.
  5. Neo originally worked at “Metacortex,” but the second time we see the company sign it says “Meta Cortechs.”
  6. When the 3 agents go on the roof after Neo saved Trinity from the helicopter, you can see the camera crew reflected in one of the Agent Smith Sunglasses.
  7. When Neo fights Agent Smith in the subway, he wipes blood on his hand but seconds later the blood had mysteriously vanished.
  8. After Neo walks out of his meeting with the Oracle, the cookie she gives him has a bite out of it.  But in the next scene, the bite was missing and the cookie was whole.
  9. When Neo was rescued from The Matrix, his ear was pierced.
  10. When Neo is doing his virtual training, you can clearly see 2 cameramen reflecting off his Neo Sunglasses!

Believe it or not, this is only a small part of the overall list.  If you have a chance, check out the full list, it’s pretty hilarious!

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