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The Matrix Interactive Trivia Game

So you think you know all there is to know about The Matrix, huh?  Well, think again!  AMC periodically plays The Matrix trilogy over the course of a few days, and the station is doing it right now.  As part of the promotion surrounding the showings, AMC recently published an interactive Matrix trivia game on its blog.  The trivia game, called “The Matrix Series Ultimate Fan Quiz,” can be played here.

The cool thing about the game is that it avoids obvious questions that anyone could answer after a single viewing.  The questions it focuses on seem to have hidden answers, some of which cannot be found within the movie itself.  For example, the first question asks what city The Matrix takes place in.  The answer was never overtly stated in the actual movie; the only way to figure out the answer is to look for street references and similar Easter eggs.

Another example of a question with a non-obvious answer asks which martial arts legend Neo acknowledges by flicking his nose with his thumb while battling Morpheus.  Another less-than-obvious question asks how much time elapses between The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded.  Another one asks which horror movie is playing on the TV when Neo enters the Oracle’s apartment.

As you can tell, the trivia game is definitely a challenge.  In fact, even though I’ve seen the trilogy many times, I’d be embarrassed to tell you what I scored on the game (maybe I would have done better if I had worn my Neo Sunglasses or Morpheus Sunglasses!).  At the end, you have the option to invite your friends to take the quiz to see if they can beat your score.

So if you are a fan of The Matrix trilogy, I would recommend that you give the trivia game a try by clicking on the link above.  It only takes a few minutes (there are 11 total questions), and you might be surprised at how little you actually know about the trilogy.  Good luck!

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