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The Matrix Hip Hop Dance Routine

Inspiration for The Matrix Hip Hop Dance


I stumbled upon a video this morning that I just had to share with you – my loyal readers!  It shows a very cool Matrix-themed hip hop dance routine from a crew dubbed “4Dreamers.”  The dance crew does a plethora of Matrix-like moves within the routine, all coordinated with the main soundtrack of the movie.  The 8-minute video is definitely a must-see, so I’ve embedded it immediately below for your enjoyment.  The only downside of the dance routine is that they are not wearing Matrix costumes – no black trench coats or Matrix sunglasses (not sure what they were thinking on that one…).



The video starts off with the 4-member dance crew bunched up together while executing some slow motion popping / robot-like moves reminiscent of the famous bullet time scene in the original movie.   As the music crescendos, the crew’s motions become more overt, and they interlock their arms in such a way so as to provide a stunning visceral effect.  The crew’s motions are so smooth and coordinated that it reminds me of psychedelic animation, such as the animated parts of the movie Pink Floyd: The Wall.

The vast majority of the dance routine has the 4 crew members bunched up together executing slow motion Matrix-like moves.  These moves include slow-mo running, dodging, falling and fighting.  Toward the end of the routine, the trench coats come off (which are grey instead of black for some unknown reason) and the crew members drop to their knees whilst continuing to execute some very visceral Matrix-like motions.  And then, just like that, it ends.

To sum it up, this is a very cool dance routine!  I’ve seen dozens of Matrix videos, including a few featuring a Matrix dance routine, and this one is by far the coolest I’ve seen to date.  So, whether you’re a fan of The Matrix, dance crews, or both, I highly recommend you put on your Neo, Morpheus, or Agent Smith Sunglasses and watch the 8-minute video right now!  Enjoy!

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  1. Chi Chi says:

    That was a crazy video. I’m a big fan of The Matrix. I know of another Hip Hop Matrix Video you might be interested:

    Bgreen – Never 2 Late on acidplanet


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