The Matrix Helmet Delivers True Virtual Reality |

The Matrix Helmet Delivers True Virtual Reality

The Matrix Has You

If there was ever any doubt that one day the underlying virtual reality technology of The Matrix could be created, it’s time to put those doubts to rest.  Researchers have developed a helmet-like device that makes the human brain unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is not.  And you don’t even need to wear Matrix sunglasses in this virtual world!

The helmet was created as part of something called Substitutional Reality, or SR, a technology under development in Japan.  The technology was recently tested in order to understand why and how people trust what they perceive.  The test involved feeding test subjects 4 different scenes – 2 of which were real and 2 of which were not.

The first scene was ‘fake’ (recorded) and showed a researcher entering the testing room and asking the subjects if they felt alright.  The second scene was a “doppelganger” scene in which the subjects saw a recording of themselves entering the testing room.  The third scene was fake and showed the researcher explaining the nuts and bolts of the study.  The fourth scene was real / live and showed the researcher explaining to the test subjects that everything they had seen up until that point was not live but actually a recording.

Most of the test subjects understood that the doppelganger scene was a recording.  However some of the subjects still could not differentiate between the real (live) and the fake (recorded) even after everything had been explained to them!  So the test basically proved that the technology does indeed deliver a true virtual reality like experience.

So you might be asking – what exactly is this technology supposed to accomplish?  Well, the key goal is to help understand the nature of delusions, which in turn could lead to scientific breakthroughs regarding schizophrenia and similar conditions.  The technology could also be used to treat phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder via repeated exposure to the traumatic event.

Here is an article that explains the process and the technology in a little more detail (click here).   It’s definitely interesting, and it makes me happy that I have my very own Neo Sunglasses to help differentiate between reality and….the dreaded “SR Matrix”!  Enjoy!

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