The Matrix Energy Source Now a Reality |

The Matrix Energy Source Now a Reality

I just stumbled onto a very interesting article that makes me think that the scenario of The Matrix really isn’t all that unrealistic. Specifically, as you’ll recall, the entire reason The Matrix was created was so the robots could harness energy from humans – human batteries, if you will. Well, the idea of harnessing energy from a life form is now a reality (better get yourself a pair of Matrix Sunglasses now before Armageddon hits!).

According to a report that was recently published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, it is now possible to convert the natural chemical composition of your average cockroach into real electricity! This electricity could potentially be gathered and stored, or it could be used to control the cockroach’s movements. Apparently these “insect cyborgs” are being developed by an increasing number of universities around the globe.

The process is unique because it does not rely on solar power, battery power, or movement. Rather, the output is essentially a byproduct of the cockroach’s normal eating process. First a specific enzyme is introduced to the insect, which breaks down the sugar that cockroaches naturally produce when they eat into 2 basic sugars. Then another enzyme is introduced which oxidizes the simple sugars and releases electrons.

After 5 years of testing, the scientists conducting these research projects have determined that the insects suffer no long term negative consequences from the process. As such, you can bet that this research will continue for the foreseeable future. Scientists are now trying to figure out how to reduce the size of the associated fuel cell so that it can be completely implanted into the insect, how to develop a signal transmitter, and how to incorporate a rechargeable battery. Kind of makes me want to put on my Neo Sunglasses and say, “whoa!”

If you want to read more detail about this technology, click here.

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