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The Matrix Dance

These days it’s not too often that concepts from The Matrix get featured on mainstream TV, so as soon as I saw this I knew I had to spread the word.  Specifically, last week on a UK show called Britain’s Got Talent, one of the contestants did a dance routine all about The Matrix.  And let me tell you, it was awesome! (I know who I am voting for!)

The 28 year old Romanian did a dance routine dressed as Neo, complete with (unofficial) Neo Sunglasses, and he incorporated concepts from the movie such as bullet time and some other gravity-defying moves. The overall dancing style is something that he referred to as “break dance / body popping,” and he seems to slightly defy gravity while doing the routine!  In fact, when he is doing the Matrix bullet time part, it looks like he is wearing wires to hold him up but obviously that is not the case.

The actual YouTube video of the routine can be viewed here.  I highly recommend you check it out as it is very impressive.  In fact, the judges and the crowd were pretty much blown away.  The guy truly looked like Neo (complete with the shiny black shirt, pants and long overcoat), moved like Neo, and danced to music that sounded like it was extracted directly out of the heart of The Matrix.

Now that I’ve seen this guy, I will definitely be keeping tabs on his progression through the contest.  With the awe-inspiring moves he put on display this time, I can only imagine what he might have in store for us in future episodes. My only suggestion for him would be to go out and get some ”real” Neo Matrix sunglasses!

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