The Lego Matrix Revisited |

The Lego Matrix Revisited

I just stumbled upon an awesome video that shows the classic “Lego Matrix” video, running in slow motion side-by-side with the same scene from the actual movie.  You’ve got to take a look at this.  The attention to detail from whoever created the Lego Matrix video is incredible.

If you haven’t seen the original Lego Matrix video, I’ve embedded it below so take a look now. It’s only a little over one minute long, and the special effects are awesome.  The video basically depicts the scene on the rooftop with Trinity, Neo and Agent Smith (and yes, the creator actually did include his own versions of the Neo sunglasses and Agent Smith sunglasses…kudos man, kudos!).  We then see the “bullet time” effect where Agent Smith is shooting at Neo’s contorting body, and it ends with Trinity’s point blank shot to the Agent’s head.

Now, take a look at the side-by-side comparison video immediately below.  You’ll notice that the timing and the camera angles & movements of the actual scene are nearly identical to those in the classic Lego video.  Like a well-choreographed machine, everything happens in unison.  Even the city view in the background looks pretty close.

So again, I highly recommend that you take the next 5 minutes to check these videos out.  I’m not sure if the original creator of the Lego Matrix worked for Lego at the time or not, but his attention to the most nuanced of details is impressive.  You can really tell that the original creator went through each frame of the scene in painstaking detail to make sure that his Lego creation would match the real movie in an identical fashion.  So, if you want to see some high-quality, creative, professional work, check out the videos.  I’m sure you too will be impressed!

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