The Ins and Outs of Polarized Lenses |

The Ins and Outs of Polarized Lenses

Ok kiddies, for today’s lesson on Matrix Sunglasses we are going to drill down into the nature and benefits of polarized lenses.  Simply put, polarized lenses do a better job of reducing glare and reflective light than non-polarized lenses do.  Why?  Because they have microscopic vertical columns laminated onto the surface of the lenses, which serve as a kind of filter that reduces the glare associated with horizontally-polarized reflective light.  Basically, horizontal reflective light is harder on the eyes because of the angle at which it enters the retina, and the vertical stripes on polarized lenses help prevent the glare associated with it.   

Polarized lenses have been around for over 60 years because of their unique ability to reduce this glare.  They are particularly useful for activities that occur near large reflective horizontal surfaces – swimming, skiing, boating, long-distance truck driving, etc.  Fishermen in particular stand to benefit the most from these types of lenses.  Today you can get polarized lenses in various colors like brown, gray, yellow and blue. 

That said, sunglasses with polarized lenses – whether Matrix sunglasses or some other type – are not for everyone.  The main issue is that they could mess with your depth perception because your brain utilizes both horizontal and vertical light waves to process visual information, and as I mentioned above polarized lenses reduce the horizontal side of the equation.  The result is that in some environments contrast might be lost.  For example, on a snowy hill it could be difficult to discern between snow and shadows.  Also, some drivers have reported that polarized lenses make the information on the car’s LCD display blurry.  

Despite the drawbacks, sunglasses like Neo Sunglasses and Morpheus Sunglasses with polarized lenses are essential for certain activities like fishing and boating.  If you like these types of activities, then getting sunglasses with polarized lenses will go a long way toward optimizing your eye comfort and protection.

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