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The Ending of Matrix Revolutions

If you have been reading my blog for any period of time, you know that I write about The Matrix as well as sunglasses in general (that’s one of the nice things about selling Matrix Sunglasses, I can go in either direction easily).  Well, someone recently asked me to interpret the ending of The Matrix Trilogy, and as I was thinking about it I realized that I never actually blogged about it.  So here goes.

The final piece of the puzzle starts with Agent Smith replicating himself at an alarming rate.  By doing so he is attempting to destroy both humanity as well as The Matrix.  He clearly hates both and as such represents a shared enemy between man and machine.  This allows Neo to make a deal with the supreme machine (Deus Ex Machina) to stop Agent Smith from completely crashing The Matrix. 

Agent Smith then takes over the Oracle and an epic battle between him and Neo ensues.  When Agent Smith says “everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo,” Neo realizes that it is the Oracle communicating with him through Agent Smith.  Eventually, Neo merges with Agent Smith and “Neo-Smith” is destroyed, which subsequently leads to the termination of all of the other Agents as well. 

But wait, just when you think Neo is dead, he rises up in a sea of bright light.  Many people believe that this signifies that his body is dead, but his mind lives on in the machine.  This makes sense, because Deus Ex Machina realizes that Neo must exist in some form or fashion to preserve the yin/yang balance of the entire system.  Without this harmonious balance, the system would be destroyed (and Neo Sunglasses would fall out of favor! ).

This is why the machines were willing to make a deal with Neo; specifically, at the end of the movie the Architect agrees to free any human minds that reject The Matrix, ending the war and ensuring the gradual growth of Zion over time.  Sooner or later, the cycle will repeat itself and the two sides will be ready to fight again.  But for now, peace and harmony rein.

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  1. tolerz says:

    what you have said is pretty much what i took from the ending of the film but i just watched the trilogy again and realized that the oracle tells neo that smith is the “equation” trying to balance itself out so that means if neo is still alive then smith is alive too? and also when the oracles body is in the crater at the end surely neo should be there too?

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