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The “Five C” Framework for Buying Matrix Sunglasses

Buying sunglasses – Matrix Sunglasses or otherwise – can sometimes be a bit daunting by virtue of the sheer number of choices available.  You have plenty of decision-points around style, color, quality, price, eye protection, etc. 

With this in mind, I’d like to share some insights from an interesting article I stumbled upon the other day.  The article discussed the decision-making-process involved in purchasing sunglasses, and boiled the whole thing down to the “five C’s” – comfort, clarity, care, color & cost.  I really like the framework, and I think it’s a terrific way to simply the buying process.

Comfort is self-explanatory.  You don’t want something that feels like it’s made of broken glass.  Also, the sunglasses should fit well, and keep in mind that everyone has a different shaped head.  For example, our Morpheus Sunglasses are relatively slim from lens-to-lens, so they typically do not look right on someone with a large face or head.  Conversely, our Agent Smith Sunglasses are nice and wide and thus are very appropriate for a large-headed individual. 

Clarity refers to the visual quality of the lenses.  Cheaply-made lenses could be blurry, streaky, or easy to scratch.  Although you will pay more for lenses with a high degree of visual quality, it’s well worth it.  

Care can be broken down into two sub-segments: eye care and lens care.  Obviously, your eye care is the most important aspect of your sunglasses, which is why you must only wear sunglasses that offer maximum UV protection.  All of our Matrix sunglasses have lenses with UV400 Protection, which is the best protection for your eyes.

In terms of lens care, one of the best things you can do is to keep the lenses clean with a microfiber cloth.  This makes cleaning the lenses super easy, and the micro-fiber material will not scratch the lenses.  This is why all of our Matrix eyewear comes with a free microfiber bag (except for the Morpheus Sunglasses, which come with a hard shell case).

The fourth ‘C’ is color.   Jet black, slate, blue, and brown are all common lens colors.  Your choice largely boils down to personal preference.  All of our Matrix sunglasses have black & gray lenses. 

Finally, the fifth ‘C’ is cost.  Do not break the bank, but obviously do not buy sunglasses at the local dollar store.  As the old adage says, “you get what you pay for”!  Our Matrix sunglasses offer a nice balance between price and quality [end…shameful plug!).

Till next time…

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  1. Colton Diaz says:

    A good way to take care of your eyes is to take lots of vitamin-A and also some good eye rest.-,`

  2. Digital Capacitor says:

    eye care should always be our top priority since the eye is a very delicate and irreplaceable organ ‘,;

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