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Surf The Matrix?

If Neo could put on his Neo Sunglasses and go surfing in The Matrix, this is what it might look like!  A company called Rip Curl recently filmed some surfing videos that are right out of The Matrix.  In fact, to create the visual effects, Rip Curl actually teamed up with Timeslice Films – the creative minds that created the bullet time effect in the original movie.  What was the goal of this? To create “something that would blow people’s minds,” according to James Taylor, Rip Curl’s creative director.  Check out the 2 embedded videos below to see a sampling of these awesome visual effects.

This collaboration actually started in 2010, and the first project was filmed in a Malaysian wave pool.  The creative team placed 52 DSLR cameras on a rig, towed the surfers on jet skis to the desired location, and started filming.  The result was this YouTube video:

Then earlier this year, the creative team decided to collaborate again, but this time by filming the action in the ocean.  To achieve the effect, the crew strategically placed 30 camera arrays in the ocean, all of which were handled by videographers on jet skis.   Although this might sound relatively easy, it was far from it because the cameras literally had to be in placed in the perfect locations and at the perfect angles to seamlessly capture the action.  The cameras were then used to capture and freeze a plethora of movements, enabling a circular perspective and allowing the viewer to feel like part of the action.  You can view the end result right here:

All I can say is…much like our Matrix sunglasses,…these videos are AWESOME!  These are some spectacular visual effects that would make any Matrix fan proud.  I truly hope that more of these types of videos come out in the years ahead.  Rip Curl’s creative director was spot on…the effects are definitely mind-blowing.  Enjoy!

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