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Sunglasses with Hidden Cameras?

Ok here’s a new one for all you covert spy wannabes out there.  There are actually spy sunglasses out in the market with actual cameras in them!  The only reason I know about these is because I just got a solicitation email from the manufacturer so I thought I’d check it out.  Sure enough, the site was selling sunglasses that had a camera on the nose bridge of the sunglasses (so, centered between the eyes). 

These puppies are pretty high tech.  The camera records video and audio in addition to taking the still photos.  It has a built-in SD memory card with 4GB of memory, plus an MP3 player! (Light Bulb: I think I just got an idea for our next line of Matrix sunglasses!)

If you want to find these, just do a Google search for “spy sunglasses” and you will find plenty of options on page 1.  I don’t want to put a specific company or link in this post because I have never tried a pair so I do not want to imply any kind of recommendation.

One thing I found funny is that the particular site I looked at had a bunch of disclaimers on it.  The disclaimers advised against any illegal activity with the sunglasses, and said that the site would cooperate with the authorities if necessary to comply with any applicable legal proceedings.  So there is your warning – use the spy sunglasses to engage in espionage or other shady activities at your own risk! ;)

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