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Sunglasses that Cure Jet Lag?

Jet lag glasses

Ok now I’ve heard everything.  Over the years I’ve covered some unique eyewear concepts like Google Glass, sunglasses that correct color blindness, Bluetooth shades, climate controlled sunglasses, and even sunglasses with hidden cameras.  And now there is something completely different on the market: sunglasses that eliminate jet lag.  No, I don’t think our Matrix sunglasses will ever come equipped with this type of technology, but it’s definitely a cool, unique concept nonetheless.

First off, it’s helpful to understand the nature of jet lag (also known as time zone change syndrome).  Jet lag is a physiological condition that occurs when the body’s “circadian rhythms” (the building blocks of our internal, 24-hour biological clock) become altered due to long distance traveling.  When this happens, actual time will differ from body time – which could result, for example, in you being wide awake at 3am or ready for bed at 3pm.  The father you travel, the more pronounced the effect, and it happens no matter whether you’re travelling from east to west or vice versa.

The majority of these circadian rhythms are dictated by the natural cycle of daylight, and that is the methodology behind the Re-timer Light Device, a product manufactured by Australian company SMR Components.  It’s an eyewear-like device that helps to reset or adjust the body’s internal clock.  The eyewear is based on 25 years of university research and it accomplishes its goal by projecting a subtle green light into the photoreceptors of the eyes.  The frequency of the green light emissions can be adjusted to either speed up or slow down the body’s internal clock so that it can get caught up with real time after a long flight.

The best way to use the glasses is to wear them for about 1 hour for 3 days.  If you want to speed up your body’s internal clock, you’ll wear the glasses in the morning, and to slow it down you’ll wear them before bed.  The glasses are designed to fit right on top of your regular eyewear, and they can be worn by anyone over the age of 12.  They are lightweight (less than 3 ounces), come equipped with folding arms, and have a 4 hour battery life that can be recharged with a simple USB cable.  The price tag is roughly $286, but if it helps you sleep then I say it’s well worth it.

In the final analysis, I think this is an incredibly useful product!  I’ve had jet lag in the past and it’s definitely not fun.  In fact, having jet lag will pretty much ruin your day.  Therefore, anything that can help “cure” jet lag should be both welcomed and appreciated.  And best of all, the Re-timer Light Device can be affixed right over your Neo sunglasses, Morpheus sunglasses or Agent Smith sunglasses, so you never need to worry about not looking cool while wearing the device!

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