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Sunglasses that Correct Color Blindness?


A company called EnChroma has developed a line of sunglasses (Cx Sunglasses) that supposedly helps to correct color blindness while being worn.  The sunglasses come equipped with lenses that are coated with a unique material that filters light as it passes through, altering how the colors are perceived by the human brain (hmmm….methinks I smell a new line of Matrix sunglasses coming!).

Contrary to popular belief, being color blind does not usually result in pure black and white vision.  Rather, people with color blindness can usually see colors but have difficulty differentiating between certain ones, particularly green and red.  EnChroma’s new line of sunglasses specifically targets this form of color blindness by reducing certain wavelengths of light to make hues of green and red stand out.

The company plans to launch 2 models of color blindness sunglasses, each of which will cater to a specific type of green-red color ambiguity.  Each model will filter wavelengths of light differently to achieve the desired effect.  The company also plans to launch sunglasses for people without color blindness, which will simply enhance the intensity of all colors. Unfortunately, these shades will not help those who are unable to see any colors.  And also keep in mind that these are sunglasses, so wearing them in bright light is required for the lenses to work their magic

Enchroma is targeting an October or November 2012 launch.  Although the company has not yet released the pricing, it is expected that these shades will run at least $800 a pair.  About 85% of the cost is due to the lens technology, which is very expensive because it involves such a new manufacturing process.

The bottom line is that this is definitely a step in the right direction for people who are suffering from color blindness.  And there are many sufferers – 10% of all men have some form of color blindness (the frequency is much less for women for some reason).  I like the concept and I truly hope that it functions as advertised.  I’ll keep you posted as I learn more about this awesome new technology.

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