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Sunglasses on eBay

In a lot of ways, eBay represents the wild wild west of the Internet.  Unfortunately for me and other reputable retailers of high quality sunglasses, there’s a dearth of sellers on eBay who like to misrepresent what they are selling.  Now, please don’t get me wrong – the vast majority of eBay retailers are above-board.  All I am saying is that if you want to buy from eBay, you should have a “buyer beware” mentality.  So I thought I’d offer some advice in this regard.

First, although eBay’s feedback mechanism is the best in the business, it is not immune to fraudulent activity.  For example, sellers might sell a low value digital item like an eBook for $0.05, and hire 100 workers from Amazon’s M-Turk to click “buy now” and then leave positive feedback.  Therefore make sure you dig into the seller’s feedback score, and take a look at the items that were sold to make sure they are not all very low-value items.  You’ll also want to make sure the feedback goes back a fairly long way.  In other words, if someone has feedback comments only going back 2 months, beware!

Also, most reputable retailers of sunglasses have official websites that you can refer to.  So for example, if you see a pair of Neo sunglasses on eBay, make sure they are the same high quality model as what we sell at  If they look different, chances are they are low quality costume shades.

Finally, you can usually tell by the listing itself whether or not the seller is reputable.  For example, the price should be in the ballpark.  If the Morpheus sunglasses we sell for $49.95 are on eBay for $5, that might be a pretty good sign that something is not quite right!  Also, avoid any listing that over-hypes the features or uses shady practices like “scarcity tactics” (hurry – there are only 50 more available before the price goes up…).

The bottom line is that you CAN find great deals on eBay, but you must realize that some sellers are not legit.  Just analyze the listing itself as well as the feedback, cross reference the item against the official website, and above all use common sense.  Good luck!

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