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Sunglasses for Fishing?

I am always amazed to think about the sheer variety of sunglasses out there.  Aside from my favorite type - Matrix Sunglasses – there are sunglasses specifically made for pretty much any activity you can think of, from driving to flying, playing sports to hunting.  In fact, I recently came across an article that discusses sunglasses specifically made for…fishing!  Yep, fishing.  Here is an excerpt:

“If you love outdoor activities like fishing, a protective eye wear is essential for you. Your eyes are one of your most delicate organs and a good pair of fishing sunglasses will ensure that they are protected from the sun’s damaging rays and foreign objects like sand and wind….here are what you should consider before purchasing fishing sunglasses.”

That just goes to show that the variety of sunglasses in the marketplace today is only limited by your own imagination!  You can read the full post here:

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