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Sunglasses for Diamond Shaped Faces

Diamond shaped faces are more common than you probably think.  A diamond shaped face is characterized by a narrow chin and forehead, wide cheekbones, and a vertically elongated facial structure.  The question I will attempt to answer here is: what are the best sunglasses for those with a diamond shaped face?

Like any facial shape, it is important to wear sunglasses that highlight your best features while at the same time deemphasizing your less desirable features.  The key is to accentuate symmetry by creating the illusion of a wider chin and forehead, while at the same time drawing attention away from the temples and softening the facial angles.

Therefore, the best sunglasses for this facial shape are those that are horizontally slimmer than your cheek bones, with frames that are wider on the top and narrower on the bottom.   Additionally, sunglasses with curved shapes such as round or oval will help to deemphasize the angles of your face.  Finally, frames that have some sort of pattern or color design at the top will also look good, because they add visual width to your forehead.

There are a few specific styles that you could check out that will probably fit the bill.  Cat eye sunglasses, or round sunglasses like Lennon specs or Seraph sunglasses, tend to look good on diamond shaped faces.  If you are partial to lens shapes that are more square than round, that will work too as long as there is some roundness to the angles of the lenses (for example, Neo sunglasses). Aviator sunglasses will also work well, as a good portion of the width is centered toward the top of the frames.   

The bottom line is that there are plenty of sunglass options – whether Matrix sunglasses or otherwise – that can help you compensate for a diamond shaped face. The best advice is to try out a few styles in front of the mirror to see which one looks the best on you.  Good luck!

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