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Sunglasses for Big Heads

One of the more common queries we receive here at is about sunglasses for big heads.  Like your facial shape, hairstyle, and overall personality, the size of your head should be considered whenever you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses.  What follows are some tips for finding sunglasses that look good on people with oversized heads.

The first step is to figure out how large your head actually is.  Take a tape measure and wrap it around the circumference of your noggin.  Generally speaking, if the circumference of your head is 22 inches or more, it’s safe to say that it’s on the large side.

Obviously, any sunglasses for big heads must be large themselves, and the largeness of a pair of shades can be determined by looking at frame width and/or lens width.  In general, any sunglasses with a frame width of at least 143mm, or a lens width of at least 64mm, would be considered large.  You could either calculate these numbers yourself, or if you already have a pair of shades that fit nicely, you could check the arms to see if the size is printed on them.

To determine the frame width of a pair of sunglasses, you must multiply the width of the lens and bridge as follows: [(lens width x 2) + bridge width].  So for example, if the lens width is 65mm and the bridge width is 17mm, the total frame width would be 147mm [(65 x 2) + 17].  To calculate lens width, simply multiply the length of the lens by its height.

Aside from getting sunglasses that are large enough to accommodate your head, there are also specific sunglass shapes that might be appropriate.  Sunglasses with rectangular-shaped lenses, aviator sunglasses, and wraparound frames (like the Twins sunglasses) are all excellent options for big heads.  Other geometrically-shaped lenses, like those on Agent smith sunglasses, tend to also work well.

The bottom line is that a large head should not preclude you from being able to look cool in a pair of sunglasses.  Follow the tips in this post and you should be able to find your ideal pair.  And if all else fails, you could always check out FatHeadz, which specializes in sunglasses for big heads (for people with heads that are at least 23 inches).  Good luck!

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