Sunglasses and the Nose Factor |

Sunglasses and the Nose Factor

You can find tons of advice online for buying sunglasses (whether Matrix sunglasses, Oakley’s, Ray Ban’s, or any other brand or style). For example, do a search on Google for “sunglasses and face shape” and the first page of results alone will give you all the information you could possibly need. But one of the more overlooked factors when it comes to choosing sunglasses that look cool on you is the shape and size of your nose.

Because your sunglasses rest on your nose, its shape and size will definitely impact the fit and the overall look of any sunglasses you wear. As such, it makes sense to consider your nose when shopping for new sunglasses (as well as facial shape, hair color, skin tone and gender).

If you have a large nose, you’ll want your sunglasses to minimize its perceived visual size. Therefore, you should opt for larger or oversized sunglasses. Additionally, thicker frames will help minimize your nose’s appearance. Wraparound sunglasses will also work well for big-nosed folk. Remember that size is relative, so large sunglasses will make your nose appear smaller than it really is, whereas small shades would make it appear larger.

If you have a small nose, the opposite is true; specifically, you’ll need sunglasses with smaller frames and lenses that will compliment, not dominate, your smaller nose. Plus, smaller shades tend to have smaller nose bridges which will fit better on small-nosed folk. Our Morpheus Sunglasses are an example of a style that will work well for small-nosed people.

Finally, if you have a long nose, you’ll need sunglasses that will make it appear stubbier. Shades that feature high side bars along with a lower nose bridge will help achieve the desired visual effect. The low nose bridge in particular is helpful, as it sits lower on your nose thereby facilitating a shorter appearance.

In the final analysis, whether your honker is large or small, long or short, your sunglasses can go a long way toward complimenting it for an ultra cool look. But the opposite is also true; if your shades are not appropriate for your nose, you risk looking foolish.  Just heed the advice in this post and you’ll be just fine. Good luck!

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