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Sunglasses and Extreme Light Sensitivity

There are many, many people throughout the world with photophobia, which is characterized by extreme sensitivity to light.  This sensitivity could be caused by exposure to sunlight as well as indoor fluorescent or incandescent lighting.  If you have this problem, you likely squint while driving at night and get headaches from being out in the bright sunshine for too long.

The condition is not a disease per-se, but it could be an underlying symptom of some other problem such as macular degeneration or glaucoma, so it is always best to consult with your doctor if you have this condition. It can also be caused by having a very light eye color, as light colored eyes contain less pigment than darker eyes.  It could also be caused by a scratch, infection, or inflammation on one or both of your corneas, or by meningitis, botulism, mercury poisoning, irritation from contact lenses, taking certain medications, or refractive surgery. 

Obviously the best course of action is to alleviate the underlying cause of the problem, but until it is resolved you will still need to protect your eyes on sunny days or under bright lights.  There are 4 attributes of sunglasses – whether Matrix Sunglasses or some other type – that should help alleviate your discomfort.  First, generally speaking, the more sensitive your eyes are, the darker the lenses of your sunglasses should be.  Second, the sunglasses should protect your eyes from at least 90% of the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Third, sunglasses with polarized lenses are helpful, as these lenses help reduce the glare that reflects off of horizontal surfaces like the ocean or the road.  Finally, sunglasses with mirrored lenses help reduce the amount of light that hits your eyes because most of it gets reflected away from your eyes.

So again, if your eyes are abnormally sensitive to light, see your doctor immediately to help identify the root cause.  Usually curing the underlying cause will dramatically diminish your sensitivity.  And in the meantime, wear sunglasses such as Neo Sunglasses with lenses that are dark, at least 90% UV protective, polarized, and mirrored.  Your eyes will thank you!

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  1. Gloria Hunt says:

    I have very light sensitive eyes after cataract surgery. Have been to an Opthamologist very recently–had all kinds of diagnogist tests–nothing wrong with eyes but am very fair with very blue eyes that they say is my problem. Have tried many dark sunglasses but have not found the right one. Can you suggest something that will help my problem?

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