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Sunglass Tips for Narrow Faces

One of the most common questions we receive here at revolves around finding sunglasses that look good on specific facial shapes.  In particular, apparently many people have a narrow face as this is probably the most frequent query of all.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to answer that burning question.

Narrow faced people sometimes have difficulty identifying sunglasses that compliment this facial feature as sunglasses in general tend to cater to people with round or oval facial shapes because these are more common.  That said, you still have plenty of options for sunglasses that will minimize the visual impact of your narrow face.

If you have a narrow face you will want to deemphasize this trait by wearing sunglasses with frames that cover the middle of your face, and also avoiding those that are too wide horizontally.  More specifically, deep, round frames are good at achieving this de-emphasis (for an example of Matrix Sunglasses that will reduce the visual impact of a narrow face, check out our Seraph Sunglasses).  The reason is that these types of frames serve to reduce the perception of long jaw lines and cheeks, and will also help to balance out the high forehead that is characteristic of people with narrow faces.

The specific sunglass material will also influence the visual impact of your facial shape.  For instance, tortoise-shell frames will help to soften the borders of the face through the illusion of color and gradient lenses.  Another suggestion for narrow faces includes sunglasses that extend out slightly at the top.

To sum it up, look for sunglasses with deep, round frames or similar shapes that extend slightly at the top in order to deemphasize the visual impact of your narrow face.  And of course, make sure you try a few styles on in front of the mirror so you can decide for yourself which style looks best on YOU.

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