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Raleigh NC Man Wears His Matrix Morpheus Sunglasses Every Time He Goes Out Of The House! Really!!

We received below letter from a Charla from North Carolina several weeks ago.  I can only say ‘WOW’!  Thank you Charla for you kind comments and we’re honored to have you & your husband in the  family!  My absolute very best to you and thank you for sharing!!!


My husband suffers from chronic inner cranial pressure and pain.  He has had two surgeries involving the mastoid, which is a bone at the base of the cranium, behind the ear.  He can’t wear any kind of normal glasses or sunglasses due to post surgical pain around and behind his left ear.  We had recently watched The Matrix again, probably for the hundredth time, and we joked about my husband needing to have Morpheus’ style glasses because there would be nothing to touch his ear area.  Out of curiosity and hope, I did an online search on “Morpheus Glasses“, and I found Matrix Eyewear.  I could not believe it!  I was thrilled! I immediately ordered the Morpheus sunglasses,and I gave them to my husband for his birthday last year.  He wears them every time we are out of the house during the day, and when he’s experiencing one of his frequent migraine headaches he wears them inside the house, too.  He’s had his (Morpheus) matrix sunglasses for a year and a couple of months now, and he’s had no problems with them at all.  He likes to put them in, clasp his wrists behind his back, and say things like, “It happened because it was meant to happen, and could not have happened any other way”… like Morpheus sunglasses might.   I know that my husband’s situation is not the reason that you made the Morpheus glasses available, but it certainly is a wonderful coincidence.   I am so grateful to have found your site!    Thank you, so much, for making his very difficult situation a bit more tolerable.   Your prices are good, and your service was fast.  I’m sure we’ll be back for more!

Charla P., Raleigh NC


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