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Pixilated Sunglasses?

As you know, from time to time I like to share information regarding cutting edge sunglasses that I happen to stumble upon.  For example, I’ve previously written about spy sunglasses, solar-powered sunglasses, space sunglasses, and even Lady Gaga sunglasses!  Well this morning, I happened to come across yet another style of sunglasses so unique that I just had to blog about them.  No, they are not as cool as Matrix sunglasses, but they do represent a style that I’ve not seen before.  So in the spirit of all things retro and geeky, allow me to introduce to you…wait for it…pixilated sunglasses!

These puppies were recently introduced by some designer named Dzmitry Samal (no, I can’t pronounce his name), and they are called “5dpi,” which stands for 5 dots-per-inch.  These unique sunglasses were inspired by computer graphics and video games from the 1980’s (too bad my Atari 2600 is long gone!).  According to a quote from the designer, “these sunglasses are reminiscent of society’s digital roots and how technology has inspired almost everything in use today.”  They are hand-made in France and they come in a variety of neon frame colors as well as a few lens color options.  They are also patented.

The designer also launched some “6dpi” varieties, which have a few more angles along the top of the frame instead of the straight lines featured at the top of the 5dpi frames.  If you actually want to get yourself a pair of these, be advised that the buying process is a little cumbersome at the moment; both versions are so new that you cannot simply purchase them online, you must email the company.  And in case you are wondering, the price tag is about $280!  Hmmm….maybe I should work on creating some pixilated Neo Sunglasses or Morpheus Sunglasses after all!

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