Pictures of Celebrities Wearing Sunglasses! |

Pictures of Celebrities Wearing Sunglasses!

If you are a loyal reader, then you know that I make a tremendous effort to keep the content on my blog fresh and up to date.  Yes it can be difficult to find new topics to write about multiple times every week, but between The Matrix Trilogy, Matrix sunglasses, sunglasses in general, and eye care, I’ve so far been able to keep a steady stream of new posts coming your way.  I find topics to write about primarily by subscribing to industry feeds, doing Google searches, and monitoring Yahoo Answers.

Well, I was doing my normal surfing routine the other day, trying to keep abreast of industry happenings, when I found what I thought was a pretty cool site.  The site is strictly focused on celebrity sunglasses, and best of all features tons of pictures of celebrities wearing a wide variety of sunglass styles. 

The site is and it’s worth a quick visit if you’ve got a little extra time to kill.  It looks like the blog is regularly updated, and it currently features photos of celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Rachelle Lefevre, Elle Macpherson, Scarlett Johansson, Katie Holmes, Tori Spelling (who looks horrible by the way), Jennifer Aniston, Amber Heard, and a whole lot more.  It is very interesting to see what styles of sunglasses the different celebrities are partial to.

One thing I noticed when checking out all the pictures is that oversized sunglasses with black or dark brown gradient lenses are apparently trendy right now.  This is especially evident in Katie Holmes’ picture, in which her sunglass lenses look almost as large as her entire face!  Check it out…talk about overkill!

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