Matrix Morpheus Sunglasses Wins HalloweenPrize |

People Wanted To Take Pictures Of Me With My Morpheus Sunglasses At Halloween Party!

Below letter came from Damian N.  What a letter!  Thank you Damian from all here with the MatrixEyewear family!  Thanks for the picture too!

I bought a pair of Morpheus sunglasses from Matrix Eyewear. My order was time sensitive because I wanted my sunglasses before Halloween to complement my Morpheus costume. My Morpheus costume came with a wannabe pair of sunglasses, but nothing with the quality offered by Matrix Eyewear. The sunglasses delivery was right on time, and I was set up to go to Baltimore downtown with my complete Morpheus costume. As soon as I got to the streets, everybody was staring at me!!! I stopped by a convenience store (7 – 11) and a pair of cops inside the store were keeping an eye on me!!!

No major problem arouse, but you could feel both cops ready to jump on me if necessary. It seems to me that they thought I was up to some robbery idea!!! Anyhow, I went to downtown and everybody was congratulating me and I heard comments like “That’s a sick costume!!”. I even won a costume contest at a Halloween dance party!!! Many people wanted to take pictures of me. Everybody wanted to know where to get the Morpheus sunglasses and I recommended them Matrix Eyewear.

All in all, I want to say “Thank you Matrix Eyewear for a smooth transaction!”. And here it is, a photo to show you my great costume with the high quality Morpheus sunglasses by Matrix Eyewear!!! morpheus sunglasses wins halloween prize

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