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Here is another video I just stumbled upon that I will definitely be adding to my ‘funny Matrix video’ collection – which includes such classics as The Matrix on Windows XP, Muppet Matrix, Family Guy Meets the Matrix, the Lego Matrix, and more.  This time, the “actors” are peanuts.  No, not Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy, but actual peanuts.  It’s hilarious and ingenuous, and the peanuts are even wearing Matrix sunglasses!  The video is only 1 minute long (unfortunately), so I highly recommend that you give it a quick watch right now.

The video depicts the infamous lobby scene from The Matrix with Neo and Trinity, and even utilizes the same awesome music!  Peanut Neo (complete with his Neo Sunglasses) is putting his bag through the metal detector when the buzzer goes off.  Then all hell breaks loose.  Neo whips out some guns (in the form of peanuts that he grabs from inside his outer shell), and starts kicking ass.  Then Trinity (again, with her official Trinity Sunglasses) joins the fray, and the two protagonists then proceed to take care of their proverbial business with gun shots and broken peanut shells flying everywhere around them.

The level of detail is great, which is one of the reasons the video is so funny.  For example, the peanuts’ shells break when shot, and the props, which consist of cucumbers among other food items, get more and more destroyed as more and more bullets fly into them.  Very creative and cool looking to boot!

So again, I implore you to watch this short video right now, and I hope it gives you a good laugh.  At the very least, it’s entertaining from a purely creative standpoint…although you have to wonder how much time these guys have on their hands!  In any case, it’s definitely worth watching…so enjoy!

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