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Paris France Man Talks About How His Matrix Sunglasses Saved His Dog’s Life has provided me with nothing but joy and pride ever since I experienced the quality of their products and the exemplar dedication of their service.

Rare are the ones who can claim to care more about their customers than Matrix Eyewear in the way they do it.

Quality, service, and most of all dedication is what Matrix Eyewear has brought us since day one, it’s been improving ever since and shows no sign of slowing down that path.

The service is what stroke me the most about this awesome shop, it’s outstanding on every aspect of it,┬áthe replies are fast, the care and love is totally directed at customers, it’s simply amazing…

I once lost my dog on a trail in the mountains, the sun was high and there was no telling when I’d be able to find him again…but thanks to Matrix Eyewear, I was able to repel the dam* UV and alias found my dog.

This is just one of the many moments of joy that I owe to Matrix Eyewear. It just makes my life better on a daily basis… I just hope Matrix Eyewear can team up with Google to produce those Google Matrix sunglasses.

In all honesty, I’m just as delighted to visit Matrix Eyewear each year as I was when the site just launched.

It’s a place that never looses it’s magic. Thank you for everything up until now…please…never give up!


Owen R. (France, Paris)

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