My Little Pony Enters The Matrix |

My Little Pony Enters The Matrix

My Little Neo


Ok now I’ve seen it all.  As you know, in addition to selling ultra cool Matrix sunglasses, I’m always on the prowl for fresh new videos related to The Matrix, and I am particularly fond of sharing funny videos (for example: Family Guy in The Matrix, South Park Matrix, Peanut Matrix, and The Matrix with an Unusual Soundtrack, to name a few).  But the video I am sharing with you today might just be the silliest of them all.

As the title suggests, the video is a parody that uses characters from the kid’s cartoon, My Little Pony, as Neo, Agent Smith, etc.  Although it sounds really bizarre (which it is), the video is surprisingly funny.  I actually chuckled out load a couple of times.  I guess it’s funny because it seems really out of place to have characters from My Little Pony battling it out in The Matrix!  The only downside is that the video is super short (not even a minute long) and I wanted more.  But, it’s still worth a quick watch nonetheless.

The video starts out near the end of the trilogy; specifically, in the “TV room” where the Architect speaks in tongues to Neo.  The Architect’s dialogue is actually really funny.  Then the video immediately cuts to rapid fire scenes of Pony-Neo shooting multiple guns, dodging bullets (AKA bullet time), engaging in gravity-defying kung fu, and battling dozens of Agent Smiths.  The video climaxes when Pony-Neo, at the urging of Pony-Trinity, goes to confront the robot boss to save “Equestria.”  And yes, he is most definitely wearing his Neo sunglasses!

And that, my friends, is a summary of the entire video!  Trust me, I know the concept sounds hokey but I’ll bet you’ll like it.  The video is only 55 seconds long, so take a break and give it a quick watch right now…you won’t be sorry!

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